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Difficult Conversations and Belief Systems

My boyfriend and I were having a discussion about boundaries and communication. We went back and forth and I felt at a certain point (and I’m sure he did as well) that we were banging our heads against the wall trying to communicate.

It was fascinating. We are both excellent communicators and yet, here we were unable to get past this bump. I knew for me I felt like he was being very aggressive and for him, I was being too sensitive. It took a little bit of sorting to figure out.

After much back and forth and sitting with uncomfortable feelings while interacting with someone, I had a break in my cycle of understanding.
“You have to let me be human and express the way I need to.”
When I allowed space for that, I was able to understand him. It was like a switch flicked on and I went from not hearing him to hearing him perfectly.

My brain didn’t like this, but my heart was willing to take the temporary blow of complete surrender. It was a game changer.

Post Author: thriveyogafit