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Withholding judgment and Body Shame

Hitting the pause button when our brain wants to make a situation mean something
It always wants to analyze
But these no substance
It’s a trick, a rabbit hole and it disconnects us from ourselves and humanity

That’s a terrible feeling.
It’s best to have patience and try to see things from different perspectives
Recognizing that: people don’t have to be perfect

We fuck up. We make mistakes. Can that be ok and can we accept these things and still see the whole person?
Not just throw a person away because they have a flaw or they get impatient or they make a mistake?

If we are doing this to people constantly, probably we have perfectionist tendencies. Accepting a person and allowing them to be human is important

Once you give a person enough safety to be themselves, watch how they flourish.

How terrible it feels to be judged.
Hug in japan and judgement
taking things personally as an attack

When people used to judge my body

When I used to judge other people’s relationships

You just never know

We are all trying the best we can

Having compassion for others makes us have compassion for ourselves

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