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Life Coaching is a translation tool. It helps you to remove obstacles, doubts, and sabotaging beliefs you might have about showing up in your life in a meaningful way.

So basically if you have a result in your life that you’re not pleased with, but for some reason you keep doing (i.e. eating too much, drinking to much, not taking risks, etc.) there’s a reason for it.
A coach helps you figure out what your reason is and helps you view it with compassion and understanding. Once you understand why you are choosing it, you learn how to let go of that choice and choose something different.

Part of this process is usually learning how to feel feelings. Many of us don’t know how or are not skilled at allowing unpleasant ones to flow through us. We also get stuck in ruts and unproductive routines that can be detrimental to our health, relationships, and goals.

Coaching applies to learning to coach yourself as well as working with a professional. Both are great options.

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