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Dream Big

So I’ve talked about manifestation a few times on here, but my angle in this episode is different. It’s important to establish a relationship with yourself and find a balance of intuition and ego. So the stronger parts and the softer parts can find a balance. If you are constantly fighting yourself, you won’t manifest, because your energy is being used up in battle. Just like a wounded warrior, you won’t have much chance to create big things in your life, you’ll be preoccupied with survival. You need to be able to tap into inner wisdom, which requires a relationship with your subtle self, but also harness the power of your ego without letting it become super dominant. Some application for dreaming big is to write down 20 things you’d like to manifest within the next few years then prioritize 3 of them. Write down your reasons. Then write down the obstacles of why you don’t already have them. Once you do that, you can start the next process of digging into your subconscious beliefs to choose what you want going forward. Then finally, keep focusing and staying in the vibration of what you want as if you already had it.

Post Author: thriveyogafit