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In today’s episode, Erin talks about Black and White thinking in relationships and how it results in self-righteousness. When we think in black and white, we think in terms of right and wrong and that can be disastrous in a relationship. We start feeling arrogant and separate from the people we love. By finding compassion and feeling safe within ourselves, we can let down our defenses and find connection once more. 

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Excerpts from this episode:

Today’s podcast I’m recording right in the middle of when our country is in limbo. Votes are being tallied, there’s some descrepancy in Nevada and different states, and in our whole country it feels like its head is about to explode. I’m here and talking to you about your relationships. Right now, if you are listening to this and things aren’t going to be fully tallied until tomorrow, check in with yourself. Notice how much real estate you’re giving up, in your mind, to this election. You’re thinking about things you cannot control. Allowing it to impact your stress levels, your cortisol, and making you lose sleep. Just consider it. Think about a percentage. If it’s over ten percent; check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Sounds cheesy right? But really, you’re going to make yourself sick. There are important things happening, for sure, but it’s out of our hands. Take several a deep breaths. Take a step back and try listening to this podcast.

In today’s episode I’m going to be talking about black and white thinking and self-righteousness in relationships. When we are trying to braid our life with someone else’s, there are two different people coming together. Both people have different cultural backgrounds, different gender experiences, different family cultures, or ethnicities. Those plus that’s not even mentioning different traumas or life experiences. We come together and maybe want to grow something together. (click below to hear more)

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