Wanting to evolve and change is natural. Life is fluid. If we don’t start to change typically it will start to manifest in our lives in different ways. For example, anxiety, depression, apathy, and so forth.

Yoga Sutra 1.14
This practice becomes well-grounded when continued with reverent devotion and without interruption over a long period of time.

So we need to have devotion, faith, and patience in our practice. We cannot expect drastic changes to take place without consistently and devotion. I think that’s where a lot of people lose it. Some days will be easy, some days will be hard. It’s part of the deal. For us to make a consistent change, you just keep showing up. And you give yourself permission once you show up for yourself permission after sitting with it for 10 minutes, 3 sun salutations (this part really depends on the negotiation you make with yourself).

We have an attachment to immediate gratification, but because of this common condition, we often short change ourselves.

To make permanent changes, we need to have some qualities developed.
The first part is desire. You have to understand why you want it. If you have a bad habit you want to break, also understand what that bad habit GIVES you that keeps you coming back. We always have good reasons.

The second part is imagining your outcome so you can feel what it’s like to have that change.

The third part is staying motivated. How can you give yourself little rewards along the way to stay in the game?

It’s all a practice. Keep at it with diligence and a positive attitude and it’ll come.

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