Goal setting and the art of resilience

Goals are something that I get really excited about. I think from a young age I learned how to set them and achieve them and from that practice it has become second-nature. I get many compliments very often about how ambitious I am and how when I dream something up I make it come true. Every person I have ever been with has always complimented the skill as well. For me it’s just kind of normal. But, I decided to take a look at myself and break it down a little bit so that I can share from experience, to my listeners/readers, how to create and achieve your goals in the process involved.

The first step, I think, is to allow yourself to dream. Release your perception of reality of what you think is attainable and just allow yourself to kind of run buck wild with it. You need to be able to experience some of the feelings associated with having some of your wildest dreams come true.

I have found with many clients that initially we start talking about goals and dreams they are at a loss for words. I think it takes transitioning into a playful mindset of curiosity and fascination to be able to allow your mind to go there. A fun little trick that I have used is to imagine that I’ve won the lottery. A few months ago there is that huge jackpot for something like a billion dollars. So, just imagine that you had won it and allow yourself to be transported.

Once you’re in that mindset, write down a list of 20 things that you would like to have in your life, become, or experience.

After you’re done writing down your 20, pick out three and place a little star around each of those three.

Those are the three we are going to focus on. So, pick one of those three that you want to work on first.

Usually around this time, shit gets real. This is when everyone’s stuff comes up, because you realize that if you break it down and achieve it, how powerful you are. It is a mixture of excitement and dread.

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