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How to get into a good routine.
How to build good habits.
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Manifestation: goals with positive affirmations.

Routines have helped me so much especially because I’m my own boss.

So I’m going to list out the steps.

What routines do you want to adopt and/or how do you want to feel (long term).
Why do you want to adopt these routines? (Intention)
If the answer is, “I think I should,” you need to dig deeper.

Side note, should is a shame word, notice how it feels when you say you should do something.

Who will you become when you do these routines for a while and become that person now. Feel and experience it.
-Sexy Georgie

Have a conversation with that person. What would she/he tell you?

Write down your commitment, hang it on your bathroom mirror with a quick message of why you’re doing this.

Set a reminder on your phone or calendar and do the thing.

Obstacles and forecasting

So now that you feel all jazzed about your routines, let’s acknowledge how you might negotiate yourself out of it and how to troubleshoot.

My mind is a master bullshit artist and negotiator, so I need to be onto my myself so I don’t get side tracked.

One way I find I can stop procrastination or resistance and stick to my commitments is, if I have that feeling that I don’t want to fulfill my commitment, it’s because I’m thinking doing something else would be more fun. So I question it. I know that’s not necessarily true.

Also, remember when starting a new routine, it’s challenging because it’s new. Our brains have primal instincts and new equals possible danger. That’s why it’s so necessary to write down your goals, keep yourself motivated, and pause and question moments of resistance.

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