Two weeks ago I was in San Diego for the second time in 2 weeks. I love San Diego and I was happy to fly out for both events: My best friend’s wedding and a MasterMind conference, from my coaching school, followed by a Yoga Retreat. Vacations are always the best, but on the second trip I knew I would be surrounded by coaches and I felt a clench in my stomach.When you are surrounded by evolved human beings that study themselves, be prepared to do some digging into the dark chambers of your emotions. I was no exception of course.

We were instructed to come up with one intention of something we wanted to cultivate in our lives or let go. “Only one?” some of the other coaches laughed. I reflected on where I was at personally, career wise, relationship wise and decided, “I’m tired of being so unorganized.” As one of my coaches put it, “It’s not cute anymore, it’s not funny, and it’s affecting my life and my business.” So the session began.

My coach, Beverly Aron (Whom I adore!) used a different technique on me this time. It was a process of “Journeying,” by using the body’s signals to bring unpleasant beliefs to the surface to release them. As we started going deeper, I felt like I was squirming in my seat, until all of a sudden, she asked me what the feeling was trying to tell me inside and the words, “You’re a Fuck Up” came bubbling to the surface. I felt a shock wave go through my body as these words came shooting out of my mouth and I started to cry. Yep, if you don’t like crying, you won’t like coaching, because that shit happens all the time.,

So fast forward, after the tears dried up, I felt lighter in my body, more clear in my head and I didn’t really think anything of it. When we were leaving our retreat, I had this urge to organize my suitcase and very carefully roll all of my items and make them very neat. Still, I really thought nothing of it, until I came home.

No sooner had I walked through the door, than I started digging in my yoga room, pulling apart boxes, reorganizing the book shelf, the vitamin shelf, and hell, even my car’s trunk got cleaned out in vacuumed. What the hell got into me? I have been more productive at work, immediately tackling projects I would usually put off. Then I remembered, “Hol ee shit, I got coached on this.”

The coaching session I had, so accurately targeted this belief of me being a “fuck up,” that I was able to release the actions associated with proving it. In other words, I am becoming a highly organized individual, which is a miracle on par with the miracle of baby Jesus.

Coaching has been the greatest tool I have ever adopted and that’s why I’m so passionate about using this powerful tool to cure bad habits and create wonderful new ones.

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