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How to set yourself apart in the workplace

The first thing is Recognizing your gifts.
There are 3 kinds of business: Your’s, your neighbor’s, and God’s.

Whose business are you in?

So making sure that you’re keeping your mind and focus and feelings on the desired outcome, for one it feels good, and secondly you’re going to act from that space. So for example, if your hope is to get a promotion at your job, and you really believe you’re going to got it, chances are you’re going to feel happy, you going to feel light. When you’re acting open and friendly around your coworkers as well as your boss, and when you’re in a good space, you’re probably going to perform better. And the gift is in the feeling, it’s not really the promotion. That being said because you have adopted this very positive vibration like attracts like and chances are you will get that promotion but even if you don’t you’re still enjoying yourself and not outsourcing to feel good.

The compare game makes your world itty bitty

Because you feel terrible when you compare or contrast yourself to someone else you automatically dim your light.

I believe that competition can come from different places. For example when I used to compete in martial arts it definitely came from a place of deprivation and trying to validate my worthiness on this planet.

That was a terrible feeling whether I lost or whether I won. I never felt worthy. So my intention for winning or being competitive was not from a clean place.

A few years ago I competed in a CrossFit type competition, and although I was resistant to enter the world of competition because I thought of my past and how I felt, I was determined not to paint my future with the same brush from my past. So I made sure that my intention was to have a good time, to do my best, and to get into my zone of genius, or rather just the zone as athletes would call it.

And the result was I feel amazing afterwards, I actually placed in second which was amazing because the competition was pretty tough, these girls were super fast, and the person that I came in second place against was one of the trainers at my gym so I felt perfectly fine about that.

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