How to live passionately with freedom and meaning after alcohol addiction

What’s after addiction?

Your life.

Hidden gems inside of each of us.

This fiery passion for something

Special talents and gifts

Most addicts live this life of purgatory after addiction.
Why is this? Because the last time we remember feeling intense emotions, we feel like they drove us to.

Just to house the strong feelings is challenging because we never learn how.
We have only learned how to none, and avoid.
In this ho hum life and never reaching potential.
Your addiction was a gift for you to dig deeper.

The story of the lotus

Your struggle made you get so familiar with the feeling of not having God at all that you run back to yourself. Now that you’re there, what are you going to do with it.

The feeling of passion and joy is a sign you’re on the path. The ego wants to take that away, tell you it’s stupid, tell you you’re unworthy. I know. Mine said the same thing.

So the first step is creating space.


After that you need to tap into the intelligence of your body. It’s innocence will lead you back to your truer self. Your ego won’t like it again because you’re taking your power back.

The story of the Bhagavad Gita reflects this. The ego will disguise it as subconscious rules and advice from your past mentors and in the Bhagavad Gita Arjuna questions Krishna (the manifestation symbol of God) but these are people I love and trust. He reminds Arjuna they are just projections of his past. He must go forward and battle these haunting ghosts.
It’s the same with us. You must follow your feeling.

Intuition vs. thoughts

Inquiry is so important. It’s what you must do to show up.

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