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Once you have been an addict, you develop these groove patterns in your brain. They are called neural pathways. And yoga we call them samskaras.

Your brain, your body, and even your energy likes patterns. When patterns are established, we are able to take on more.

For example, if we had to relearn how to walk, drive, make coffee, and anything else you can think of living would be a daunting task.

So lucky for us, these patterns exist. The only thing is that when we unconsciously make patterns, which really everyone has done, sometimes the results of our patterns leave us in pain mentally or physically. Then usually we are prompted to start seeking an answer to change this pattern.

A cool scientific discovery is that we have neuroplasticity and we are able to change them, but only through consistent practice, compassion, and forgiveness. We have to constantly show up for ourselves, especially when making these huge changes.

Almost like a newborn, we need to shower constant awareness on ourselves, patience, and a lot of self forgiveness.

Other addictions: work, phone, sugar …

The importance of checking in

: Support-coach, AA, self awareness …

Why? Freedom

Check in with yourself daily

Daily journaling

Notice when you have the urge to escape your feelings

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