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Imagine having it.

Give full permission and then choose not to.

He will see that you have all the power to create the feelings you desire. It takes back the power from the drink and gives it back to you because you are fully in charge of creating those feelings.

It takes all the drama away.

We do a worksheet at the Life Coach school called the tedious powerful worksheet. Basically we get full permission for people to plan a binge of their favorite food. The only thing is that they have to slow down and savor it and write down how it feels in your mouth, the details of the flavor, the texture and so on and so forth along with how they feel.

I have so many people coming back to me and saying that I ruined bagels for them or pizza or chocolate cake.

So the real rush comes from the anticipation of having it.

I can tell you I have developed the same type of relationship with exercise. When I think about exercise I think about that moment in it when I feel so alive and powerful and connected and I can do anything. I go to sleep excited to exercise in the morning.

So even if something comes up and I don’t exercise, I’ve still created that pathway of positive reinforcement with the anticipation of working out.

There’s also sometimes the ceremony involved with it, and I found that a lot of my clients just great that because it’s time for them and it’s time for a break. I have one client that when I had her describe having a drink, she described where she would drink it, which would be outside on her lanai, enjoying nature, not having any responsibility, and the feeling of taking a break. The only thing she mentioned that she liked about wine was she said she likes the taste.

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