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Journeys Towards Authenticity, a Course in Miracles and Being a Great Leader.

In this episode, Casey Hoffman and Erin Geraghty introduce themselves and tell their stories about what brought them to pursue an inspired journey. We learn about Erin’s martial arts background, yoga studio, and some entertaining stories about her past. Casey chimes in with her background and study on A Course in Miracles and how the experience hugely impacted her shift towards a spiritual path.

Erin shares a story about how her bond with her Karate Sensei and how it shaped who she is today. One particularly amusing story she shares about when she was training for her black belt and after having an emotional tantrum, her Sensei chases after her to bring her back to the dojo. That moment was one where she realized how cared about she was as well as she possessed an inner strength that she didn’t realize existed until that moment. Sometimes in our darkest moments or in our struggles is when we find some light to illuminate our path.

We also discuss our mentors and how they reflected the space we were in at the time and that we are the product of our last 5 years.

Erin continues to tell people about how her studio Thrive Yoga & Fitness came into existence as well as her coaching practice and the process of growth she experienced through the growth of her business. She also introduces her team and how they all work together to raise the vibration of Bradenton, Florida. Having a good team that communicates and works towards the same cause is important and Erin says she works hard to be a good leader because her team deserves a person of caliber to lead them.

Everything is connected and the growth we experience in our personal lives will reflect in our businesses and relationships, as Erin and Casey continue to discuss. The struggles and challenges of the past were just lessons and stepping stones that made us a little stronger and wiser for the present.

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