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Aparigraha, Non-Possessiveness and How to Detach and Create Space Between Ourselves and Our Thoughts

Casey and Erin talk about different ways we attach to possessions, thoughts, situations, energy, and so forth. We start by how to become aware of our mental luggage and detach from it. We live in our lives with at least 50% more than what we actually need. Aparigraha invites us to let go and to pack lightly for our journey through life and all the while caring deeply and enjoying fully.

Erin explains how the breath is a beautiful example of how possessiveness can harm us. Although an inhale can be nourishing and give us what we need, we need to release the breath and have faith that the next breath will come just as easily.

As humans we have a tendency to develop attachments to the things that give us pleasure. Sometimes to the point of harm. We form these attachments out of fear and avoidance. We want to keep the good feeling going and avoid anything unpleasant.

Much like the moment when the breath is completely exhaled, the trapeze artist has a moment when they are suspended in mid-air. If we hold on too long, we miss out on the moment.
Our expectation keep us captive and often disgruntled, and yet we choose our attachment rather than our freedom.

Erin talks about handstands and how taking the journey inward has helped her develop her practice. She imagines creating a love net as she kicks up and having that faith that the strength is there, the technique is developed and things will fall into place as they’re meant to.
Anything we cling to creates extra work in our lives until we are living to maintain the “things.” If we travel light we have more energy and freedom to apply to things that really matter. Our lives can open up in amazing ways.

Casey tells the story about when she moved to Florida and how she took a leap of faith and let go of all her things except a few small items. She learned the lesson of how little we really need. Erin shares a story of after her divorce she had 1/10th of her possessions and how she felt so light and free. Both hosts talk about how cleaning out our closets literally opens us up to invite in fresh energy.

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