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Saucha, Purity, Cleansing, Detoxing

As we purify ourselves physically and mentally, we become less cluttered and heavy; purification brings about a brightness and clarity to our essence.

Erin shares the story of what brought her to the yoga mat. It was not seeking anything about enlightenment, it was to lose 5 pounds. As she kept coming back, she started letting go of thoughts that made her internal mirror dirty. She tells the story of the yoga challenges she has at the studio and the process of shedding non-serving thoughts and how the physical practice releases toxicity so we can function in a more healthy place. Taking steps to cleanse and pruify ourselves will look different for each of us.

Detoxes are a hot topic around the holidays and that looks different for everyone. Some people choose green juice other choose things like the Whole 30.

Whatever form purifying takes, it is always begins with an intension to “lighten” the load we are carrying.
Being pure with ourselves means we are not afraid of our thoughts or our feelings, and we don not have hide anything from ourselves. What if we could be pure with ourselves in the moment, every moment? We would develop an intimacy and understanding of ourselves to really navigate our lives skillfully. This takes much consistent practice of course. It takes even more practice with other people. What if we could just appreciate other people in the moment without judgements or opinions to taint our vision of who they truly are and really listen to them? Our energy exchange would be so much more meaningful, satisfying, and our relationships would be deeper and more intimate.

This is the gift that the jewel of Saucha gives us. It’s tricky to be pure in thought, body, and spirit though. It comes down a lot to intention. Our intentions must be pure and that sets the stage for our actions to take place from love.

Erin gives us some tips towards the end of the show for detoxing. She mentions juicing and using the rainbow method, how to stimulate the lymphatic system with dry brushing, and the benefits of epsom salts.

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