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Tapas: Guest Kevin Bergquist of Dojo Martial Arts and Fitness, Karate and Inner Strength

Can you show courage and stay in the fire until you find the blessing in the lesson? Tapas is our determined effort to become someone of character and strength. Tapas means heat and can be likened to putting gold into a fire over and over. Each time we burn, we become more pure. It is important to first have our intention from a place of love. But our inner strength can be built up like a muscle. The more we flex it, the stronger it becomes and the more we can take. We are less likely to flee when life’s challenges present themselves to us, and we can learn to invite them in because we know we can handle it and we know we will grow from the experience.

Erin talks about Sages in India and how they would build small fires around themselves and even wear a hat with fire burning in it. Through these experiences they learned to stay with discomfort and find the peace inside of themselves even when their primal reactions wanted to fight or flight.
When we learn to tame our primal instincts such as fear, we are fearless in the pursuits of our lives. We can live life with passion and perseverance because we know how to stay with it.

Erin remember s a sign in her Dojo saying, “Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win.” If we give up on ourselves repeatedly, we cheat ourselves out of becoming that person of integrity and unmatched strength to handle all of life’s challenges.

Kevin Bergquist comes on the show and talks about how no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. You can only share discipline from a place of love. It is a firm, unwavering love, and then you can really get through to your students.

Erin and Kevin share stories of the importance of compassion and love.

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