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Compassion gives us strength when we need it. It allows us to sit in the fire and endure the discomfort, because we know we have our back. 

It is that gentle strength that hums below the surface and allows us to look inside of ourselves without judgment, but rather with understanding and patience.

We have to be in a relationship with ourselves. A healthy one, for us to grow in the direction that we wish. Just like a student must trust their guru, and know that the guru has the student’s best interest in mind, we must cultivate compassion so we can lead ourselves and feel safe in the process. 

The truth is, things aren’t going to go as planned. If the world was limited to our concept of what reality should be, we would miss out on all the suffering and miracles that make life worth living. We think we need everything to be padded, sugarcoated, and go smoothly for us to achieve our goals. But, that’s unrealistic.

You can do hard things, but you have got to have your back.

That, my friends is the Secret Sauce to Accomplishing your Goals.

Now go get it.

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