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Viparyaya mithyajnanam atadrupa pratistham.

Misconception occurs when knowledge of something is not based upon its true form.
Coiled rope and mistake it for a snake.

Sometime when we approach something in life it appears a lot scarier than it really is.

For example, I used to be so afraid of experiencing my feelings. I would sit and resist and distract, and numb because I had this image of flood gates and if I allowed it, I would just drown. When I started allowing my emotions to trickle in, I found, yea it’s not great all the time but it’s actually a lot better than resisting and fighting.

Avoidance takes so much work as we learned in the Yamas and Niayamas with Santosha.

Yoga Sutra 9
This one, the explanation I think it’s easy to get lost here. So let me give an example.  Take someone who is relatively bright. I have a friend who is a wonderful intelligent person. When growing up though, her mother repeatedly projected on her and told her she was slow. By hearing this, the girl, my friend, started to believe it. Even though she was getting 90s on her tests, she started believing she was slow. So that belief pattern started to show up in unexpected ways. She took it to mean that she was slow emotionally and could not have a decent relationship. It’s interesting how the mind distorts when left to it’s own devices. That’s why questioning and Svadhyaya is so important. Otherwise our reality starts to shape around these faulty beliefs.

Yoga Sutra 10
Mitch Hedburg dreams are interesting. I’d have a dream with me and my ex landlord driving a go cart down the streets of manhattan. Sometimes it’s a mishmash of information, in homeopathy and some other moralities, theres a belief of the subconscious suppression or fears.
For example, after I wrote the article for elephant journal about my past eating disorder, I had repeated dreams of being naked.

When I talked about this with my coach she said it perfectly illustrated that I felt vulnerable, what’s more vulnerable than naked? And in my dreams, I’m traveling with my family to some place exciting like an amusement park.

Our last sutra today is number eleven. Anubhuta Visayasmapramosah Smrtih: When a mental modification of an object previously experienced and not forgotten comes back to consciousness, that is memory.

Thanks for listening. Namaste

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