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Uncomfortable Emotions

I think one of the most challenging things in recovery is being able to sit with uncomfortable emotions. When I coach people, and I tell them to hold space, a lot of the times I don’t know what I mean. So, what I mean is not reacting to the emotions, but actively feeling them in your body. This takes some practice as it is out of the realm of the mind.

This week I have had to sit with uncomfortable emotions. They came very intensely. This happened seemingly out of nowhere though I did have some energy work done. It was a pain I felt from my pelvic floor to my throat. I cried for one whole day it seemed and then the next day. There was something beautiful on the other side of it. I had a revelation about myself that I haven’t quite experienced since I sat in silence for 10 days. That’s the power of emotion.

Post Author: thriveyogafit