Unplugging and Commitment

I’ve been listening to the book burn out by Emily Nagoski about stress cycles.
She talks about how people get caught in these loops and it literally burns them out.

Burns away motivation

Burns away energy

Even burns away the minerals in your body to cope with stress

TAA book I talk about eating so many cups of veggies to replenish minerals and resting.

Today I had a big meeting moved and I had a huge chunk of time.
My head was spinning with all the things I need to get done and holy shit everything is an emergency.
I found myself completely resistant to doing anything.
So after fighting myself for about 45 minutes, I gave myself full permission to just, chill.
I grabbed a snack, downloaded past episodes from Project Runway I haven’t seen, and just vegged.
After about 45 minutes, guess what happened? I felt motivated to take action.
I was able to let go and process and breathe without driving myself like a machine.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

Just get it done

Result ahead of time for motivation

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