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Being strong when things suck

Sometimes in life there’s a lot of chaos that comes up. Life goes on, but sometimes we are stuck in our mind spinning. We stay here for too long we make ourselves sick. We stress ourselves out, and if we are in the business of manifesting our lives, which many of us are, then it puts a wrench in the gears.

The universe will have our back, we just need to manage our minds. To do this, breathing deep and setting a timer on your phone to breathe deep every 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or however often you need to check in with yourself. Sometimes it will be every five minutes.

Because sometimes things just suck, we will be tempted to leave ourselves and disconnect. When we do that though, we will stress ourselves out, and then we all want to self-medicate.

By breathing, giving gratitude, moving our bodies may be to process some of the stuck energy, we are able to find some freedom.

Post Author: thriveyogafit