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My Experience with Bufo Alvarius, Kambo, and Ayahuasca

In this episode Erin explains her experience with plant medicine and the impact it is having in her body, mind, emotional well-being, and spirit.

First, these plant medicines demand respect. 100% if you choose to pursue these medicines, please do so with a trusted shaman who has much experience. These medicines are not for everyone. They are intense. I know that even talking about this on my podcast is dicey, but I want to share with you Why I chose to, my experience, and the after effects.

These medicines have been used for hundreds of years by tribes to fine tune their senses, heal from disease, prevent disease, break through mental, emotional and physical ailments such as depression and anxiety.

Bufo is from the Sonoran Desert Toad
Sapo, or Bufo is the powerful and potent medicine of the Sonoran Desert Toad which has been a vital part of many shamanic ceremonies for hundreds of years. Its active ingredient (5-MeO-DMT) is also known as the God or Spirit molecule.

Kambo is a secretion from the bright green giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor—also known as the giant leaf frog) that lives in the north-west area of the Amazon rain forest.

Rapé was given before the ceremony to ground us and much ceremony and blessings took place beforehand to set intentions.

Blessings were also given with mappacho.

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