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Forging Your Own Path in Recovery

It takes courage to forge your own path in recovery. There are so many templates we are instructed we “should” follow, but many times, this doesn’t work. The best thing you can do is find your own way. It is hands down the most satisfying, will be the most successful, and allow you to heal the deepest and most authentically if you find your own way.

In this podcast I talk about what that looks like for me along with my challenges and how my path is still unfolding. I’ve gotten to a space where I am ok with the journey and it feels so nice.

Join E-RYT 500, Life Coach, Author, and Podcaster Erin Colleen Geraghty for a retreat to heal your relationship with your body inside and out. The retreat will focus on healing these issues and giving you tools afterwards to continue loving and accepting your body for a positive change inside and out.

Body Image

Emotional Eating

Body Pain

Changing your overall relationship with yourself

We will practice shamanic Breath Worth, Yoga,Coaching, Emotional Journeying, Tantric Body Connection and more!

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