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In today’s 2 part episode, Erin talks to Professor Matt Murphy on Yogic Philosophy, Martial Arts, Sacred Indian Texts, and the role of being a student and teacher. 
You’ll find that Matt’s explanations of his concept of the universe is expansive and fascinating. Matt also happens to be part of the Thrive Yoga yoga teacher training faculty. Enjoy his 20 plus years of I depth study as he shares his perspective. Namaste 
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Erin Geraghty CPT/ RYT-500 Certified Life Coach Owner Thrive Yoga & Fitness

Excerpts from this episode:

E: Can you talk about your relationship to Krishna and Shiva? Our audience may not be ‘super-yogi’ here as well.

M: Sure, so, there are several layers of preamble or context here. We spend a lot of time telling people to read the stories which feature gods and goddesses. But they aren’t necessarily literal and they don’t mean the same thing. It’s hard for a lot of Westerners to understand that stuff. Also, to many Hindus, it’s not a religion, but a way of life.

I think a lot of Hindus don’t believe there is literally an elephant-headed god, that did all these things in a story. They are sophisticated enough that the story is a map of concepts, not the territory. There is a two dimensional abstraction of a three dimensional, in fact, a four dimensional reality. None-the-less this two dimensional abstraction is, in some ways, useful. We can navigate around something with superior dimensions by looking at the model compressed down to inferior dimensions.

When we talk about these stories and the gods and goddesses, a lot of the time what they’re gesturing at is some fundamental building block of existence. (Listen to the full episode below)

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