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In today’s 2 part episode, Erin talks to Professor Matt Murphy on Yogic Philosophy, Martial Arts, Sacred Indian Texts, and the role of being a student and teacher. 
You’ll find that Matt’s explanations of his concept of the universe is expansive and fascinating. Matt also happens to be part of the Thrive Yoga yoga teacher training faculty. Enjoy his 20 plus years of in depth study as he shares his perspective. Namaste.
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Erin Geraghty CPT/ RYT-500 Certified Life Coach Owner Thrive Yoga & Fitness

Excerpts from the episode:

E: Matt, what got you interested in studying the sacred texts of India?

M: Somehow, when I was in middle school, I got a hold of the Bhagavad Gita, and I read it.

E: When you were about twelve?

M: Yes. When I was in about seventh or eight grade. I had already read most of the Bible by then too.

E: I found out last night just how well you know it!

M: If there’s an ancient story, I’m interested in it. The Bhagavad Gita is a sacred text. It’s a kind of philosophical treatise from several different angles. Because it’s a treatise doesn’t mean it’s not part of a larger story. I’m not going to claim I understood all of it at that stage but there were lots of things that popped out. It started me on a path of reading lots of material and I never really stopped. Then, I went further, wider, deeper, and tried to enjoy myself along the way. It was never really like a task or project I had to do. I just admired what I read and I wanted to read more.  (Listen to the full episode below)

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