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How to stay connected and not check out (even when you really want to)

Do you ever have the urge to check out of life?

I like the saying, “I’m done adulting today!”

There are these great sticker ideas for adults that say things like, “Good Job, you only cried twice today!” and “Hey Look at you wearing pants” and “Way to go you cooked dinner!” I really need some of those in my life.

When you want to check out
Rejection and self acceptance

Record in our head about past memories and projections
Everything I see is a projection of my past
I’m not overeating anymore, and I believe I am healing that groove in my brain that led me to overeat.
I am running less to OTC every time I have pain because I’m staying with myself and processing it.
I feel myself leaving my body

Frannie Hoffman showed me how to connect
Staying inside
I accept you, I love you, I support you.
The best ay to reconnect or stay connected is through conscious breathing.

Whenever I teach a yoga class I remind my students to breathe every15 seconds or so, because they forget that quickly until it has been ingrained in them.
It took my a full year maybe longer of conscious attention to my breath before it became habit on the mat and off the mat its much better, but it’s a conscious practice always.

Mindfulness practice throughout the day.

How can I slow down and savor this? How am I feeling right now? How can I relax into it.

This can improve eating habits, drinking and eating, relationships, even work and playtime.
Tantric practices
Our biological body itself is a form of hardware that needs re-programming through tantra like a new spiritual software which can release or unblock its potential.”- Slavoj Žižek

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