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Hard things scare us. Doing difficult tasks scare us sometimes to the point where we may even want to run away, shut down, or busy ourselves so we don’t have to think about it.

Yoga teaches us Tapas, which is an inner discipline from the space of love. We do hard things, (like hold chair pose for the 10th time in class), but we do it from a space of love.

The teachers at Thrive ask you to do hard things often: Angela might cue you to zip up your abdominals while plugging your thigh bones back in warrior II. Erin might ask you to feel your least favorite feeling and make peace with it while holding Mulha Bandha. Corinn may have you get out of your comfort zone with her Twerk-asana class so you can love your body more.

We do this with love and compassion, but we still ask you to do it even though it’s hard. What if we could do that ourselves and cultivate our own inner Guru? How would your life change if you knew that you could indeed do hard things and while doing them, be compassionate and loving with yourself during the process.

I bet you’d face more fears, remember your strength, and maybe enjoy life a bit more because when we do hard things we prove to ourselves that we are worth the effort. And that’s one of the biggest demonstrations of love imaginable.

Namaste ???



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